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Which Stylist should you choose?

Updated: 4 days ago

This is always a problem when seeking out a new hairdresser. Most of us have been through the moment when your hairdresser announces they are leaving the salon to move to another salon, change career or have a baby. What do you do now? If you have been seeing your hairdresser for years it’s a daunting prospect to find another one who understands your hair as well and who understands you.

At GFC HAIR STUDIO, we have a price range to suit all pockets, so if cost is an issue you could choose that way.

We reflect the stylist years of experience and to some extent their popularity. This doesn’t mean our Junior / Graduate Stylists won’t be able to execute as perfect a one length bob. as the Salon Master stylists with years of experience. Far from it but the difference in your stylist having years of experience is the advice you might get, the troubleshooting of areas you have that no-one ever seems to be able to do anything with and the suggestions for alternatives.

If you like to frequently change your hair and would love suggestions you may be better with the medium to high price stylists as their years of experience would have taught them a lot about what looks good by marrying up the hair, face, profile, lifestyle and more. They would instinctively know all the right questions to ask to get the best hair cut/colour for you. Graduate stylists, while very good technically, still may have someway to go. to troubleshoot difficult hair. At GFC, we are  constantly on top of new training with every level of stylist and assistant. No stylist is in competition and we are always asking each others advice where we need it.

I truly believe we have someone for everyone in our salon. It’s a sad fact that many clients would rather change salon altogether than change stylists within the same salon for fear of causing upset. I can honestly say all our stylists would rather clients carried on coming to the salon. As all employed stylists we work as a team for the good of the salon, many clients are happy to swap between two or three stylists, it’s not at all unusual at GFC.

Have a look at our team page and scroll through the list. We do have some that specialise in areas others don’t such as perming, balayage and

In the meantime, my advice would be to book a free consultation with any of our salon stylists to discuss your hair needs. Have a cup of our freshly brewed coffee,  stay safe and well. I hope to see you soon!

Gisele Falltrick.



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