Update 9/6/2020

PLEASE do not worry about this post if it does not

apply to you.


As your employer who has registered you on the furlough Job Retention Scheme with HMRC, there are a few things I need to remind you of, regarding what you can and can’t do while I am claiming money for  your wages through Furlough   


More and more clients across the country are getting desperate for a hair cut or colour etc, and are getting in touch with their stylist across social media or by phone to cut their hair in the garden or at home. Please don’t be tempted with this for the following reasons. 


The Government has not given the go ahead for mobile hairdressers s to return to work until the same time as salons July 4th The fine is £1000 - £3000 if you are caught.


 It is not safe to cut hair without abiding by the rules regarding wearing of PPE.


You are getting paid by furlough system so should not be doing any other paid work.


You are still employed on contract with gfc hairdressing (me) while on furlough and you are not allowed to do salon clients at home. Family and friends are ok but not salon clients.


It has been a very difficult time for salon owners who can not claim furlough and most will have been 15 weeks without any income when they return to work. Salons are having to spend a great deal of money to make the necessary requirements needed to keep the staff and clients as safe as possible in their salons.


Salons will have a need to have full columns booked when reopening on July 4th, so as to guarantee the future of their business.




This only applies if they are clients on my salon list and does not apply to your family of friends.

Back to work plan. DRAFT COPY 1 21/5/2020

I AM PLANNING TO RE-OPEN THE SALON ON? (when it is agreed by the Government) It most certainly will not be business as usual, far from it! This is my draft plan but could change as more details become available. Before we will be allowed to open I will need to do a risk assessment to identify and control any risks in our salon.  You will need to attend a risk assessment day at the salon (I will let you know when this will be)


Client Bookings.

To be able to maintain distance in the salon we are only going to be able to have 5 stylists in at any one time and five clients. We will be open 7 days with one late night. The plan was sent to you on Friday 1st May. It took a long time to sort out and cannot be changed unless I can rearrange it. Starting times and slot times will be staggered to avoid congestion. (more details to be confirmed) Your slot times will be one hour for cut/blowdry and 15 mins added for cleaning chairs and maintaining our hygiene standards. Where possible you will need to shampoo your own clients.

  1. Priority List

    • I have been in contact with most clients that were cancelled or had previously had a hair appointment in February.These were put onto a priority list ready for being able to get a slot when we open.



  1. How will this work?

    • As soon as I have a date when we will be returning to work I will email the client with a priority code and a private mobile number that they can use to contact me to make them an appointment.

    • No online bookings.

    • No standby’s until further notice.

    • No blow dry’s only for first 2 weeks and all discounts to stop. (except for NHS workers) We will monitor the demand for discounts after 6 weeks.

  2. Prices will remain with no increase.

    • I will speak to them about their booking and inform them what to expect when they visit. I will also be asking about anything that they have done or put onto their hair while they have been in lockdown. If I cannot answer any of their questions or think they may need a consultation before they visit I will speak to their stylist for advice or maybe they will want to discuss it with a face time call. Clients will be told that they must visit the salon on their own. no children or friends and family.

  3. Clients will be asked to wait outside the salon

    • (Unless it's raining they can stay in their car until we are ready for them) and we can bring them in. They will be told to take a disposable mask, and the receptionist will apply Hand off on their hands, hang up their own coat. They will be given a gown and told to take a seat at the basin for washing which is compulsory before a cut.

  4. Reception

    • Only one person will be allowed at the reception at any time. There will be a sneeze screen on the desk.The receptionist will need to wear gloves at all times. As soon as any client or member of staff enters or leaves the salon the door handles need to be sprayed with clean.it. The reception desk, screen, phone, computer keyboard, card machine, and gown will need spraying (outside with gloves on.) will also need to be cleaned.

  5. At the basin

    • Where possible you will need to shampoo your own clients.

    • Disposable towels only are to be used and NO clients are allowed to ask for normal towels or bring in their own

    • After their hair has been shampooed it will have killed off the virus and be safe for the stylist to work on.

  6. Styling.

    • You must wear face masks/screens and aprons. (supplied by the salon) Stylists. Gloves will not be needed but Hand off sprayed on in between clients

  7. Chairs must be cleaned after every client.

    • You must stay on your allocated position for as long as possible.  

                 Every other chair cannot be used, clients and staff must practice                    social distancing at all times including at the basin

  1. No magazines, No refreshments.

    • All equipment will need to be sprayed after every client. Do not share equipment or salon products with other members of staff. Keep your own products needed in your own cupboard

  2. Staggered breaks

    • Only one person will be allowed in the staff room at any time.

    • After your break you must clear all your plates etc into the dishwasher yourself and not leave them for someone else to do. Your breaks will be allocated 30mins.

    • You will need to label any drinks in the fridge and be careful to only drink from your own

  3. Frequent spraying and washing of hands.

    • Social distancing, surface cleaning, Social, distancing applies to all parts of the salon

    • Entrance and exit, Staff Room, Washbasins, Waiting, Area retail area.


    • Card payments only no cash where possible. Tip boxes will be available at reception with your name on.