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Tuesday / Wednesday

Young Stylist days

If cost is an issue you could choose this service.

What is a Young Stylist? Our recently qualified young stylists have been given the title, having passed all of their Technical elements but  still need to have  more experience in the salon, dealing with clients to gain confidence and speed.

We have decided to offer you a half price service menu, undertaken by Young stylists, as they are all now competent in all aspects of hairdressing.

This offer applies to Tuesday and Wednesday only. All other days will be charged at 25% discount on normal Stylist prices for these services.

CUT AND BLOW DRY                          £20

WASH AND DRY                                     £17

WASH AND DRY LONG HAIR.            £23

LONG HAIR WITH CURLS.                 £25


FASHION FOILS                                     £20

T SECTION.                                             £25

HALF HEAD FOILS                                £35

FULL HEAD FOILS                                £44


COLOUR REGROWTH                         £25

FULL HEAD COLOUR                          £30


A £10 supliment will be added for extra long or extra thick hair.

Please allow extra time for appointment as the young stylist are working at increasing their speed.

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